Kickstart Scheme 

Details of the scheme to offer subsidised placements for young workers have finally been published. There seem to be barriers for smaller employers to access the scheme and it is not as simple as first announced.

  1. Employers must offer a minimum of 30 places to directly take part in the scheme. Smaller employers need to partner with an organisation such as a chamber of commerce, or could create their own group of employers. Devon and Plymouth Chamber have confirmed they will be offering this, contact , or speak to DWP/Jobcentre in your area
  2. During the application process, employers will be asked to show that the job placements are new jobs and detail how it will develop basic skills and employability for long-term work.
  3. Employers will be paid in arrears after pay has gone through RTI
  4. Employers will receive a £1,500 grant to cover setup costs, and 100% of up to 25 hours at national minimum wage, pension contributions and national insurance, for 6 months
  5. The Kickstart grant is paid in arrears after the individuals’ pay has been reported through RTI. In addition to the Kickstarter grant, employers will also receive an initial £1,500 set up cost once the young person has started. This setup cost will cover any support and training for the placement and would also help pay for uniforms or anything else needed as part of the induction. The £1,500 is taxable, but the costs would be deductible.
  6. Employers will receive this money once the young person has been enrolled on their payroll and is being paid through PAYE. The grant will be taxed for the employer, but this will be off-set by the employment costs.
  7. DWP will choose the applicants and refer them via the jobcentre .  ( So it seems unlikely you can simply employ someone you already know who is on Universal credit)
  8. The jobs must be new, and cannot be replacing redundancies.


Offers grants of £1,000 to £3,000 for eligible businesses to help recover from Covid.  The grant can be for: 

  • Specialist advice – HR, finance, IT and digital
  • Minor equipment to help the business adapt to new technology required 

One application per business, apply via this link, speak to us if you think financial advice is required and could be covered