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Sage Training


At Marsland Nash Associates we are proud to say that we are a leading firm in the area of Sage Accounts Software Training, we are registered Accountant Resellers and we offer a fully comprehensive training package that we tailor to your specific requirements in advance of the training taking place.

Using us as your training provider gives you the added advantage of having an experienced accountant training you who also has an in depth knowledge of the software, this means your trainers technical knowledge far surpasses a trainer that knows the software but does not understand your specific accounting needs.

Using Sage software can save hours of writing up manual books, it also provides access to quick management information, allows greater control over your business’s accounting function and often reduces your accountancy fees!

We can train on all areas of mainstream Sage software, including:

  • Bookkeeping Software from Instant through to Sage50 Accounts Pro
  • Payroll from Instant through to ProfessionaL
  • Other support software.

The process normally takes place in stages as follows:-


This stage is used to find out what your requirements are and is FREE OF CHARGE. It will include the following:-

  • Ascertaining your current experience with bookkeeping (and payroll if applicable), computers generally and Sage software specifically.
  • Ascertaining the requirements you have from the software, to include the level of detail and functionality you require from the bookkeeping function, whether you have any requirement to any of the more advanced functions that certain levels of Sage software offer, and whether you have a requirement for any management, budget or forecasting information.
  • From the above, a recommendation of which software package you require will be made (if you already have Sage software this will only be necessary if you require an upgrade to increase functionality).
  • A list of the areas you require training on will be produced together with an estimate of the likely training time required (as the training is bespoke and one to one, this is subject to delegate speed of progress during the training).
  • Training venue, number of delegates, times and dates will be agreed.
  • The need for any review visits at monthly or quarterly intervals for an agreed period of time following the core training will be discussed and agreed.


  • Normally one to one at your premises, but it can also be at our offices and if you require you can have additional delegates present.
  • The various functionalities required are explained and walked through with examples.
  • Full, tailored notes are provided.
  • Delegates are given test data to practice on.
  • Practice is based on your specific business data wherever possible rather than fake ‘test’ data.
  • Either Full Days from 9am to 4pm or Half Days any time for 3 ½ hours


  • After the initial training the need for review visits is discussed and agreed with you.
  • This is often necessary if you are new to something and need to try it for say a quarter and then have us review what you have done. E.g. your first VAT return, bank reconciliation or just a general review to see if what you have entered is correct and train further where necessary.
  • Would normally only be Half Day sessions or shorter.


This is telephone support for the use of your Sage software during our normal office hours.

  • This is provided inclusive within our 5 star service fees, for the first year following the last main training day, or at an optional additional fee per annum should you prefer to take our 4 Star service, or wish to purchase additional support cover following your first inclusive year of cover under our 5 star service.


  • The 5 Star service includes one year of free telephone support following the last main training day, for issues regarding the use of the Sage software you were trained on.


 MNA Clients

MNA Clients that are Small  Businesses*

Full Day (9am - 4pm)




Half Day (3.5 hours)




Per hour (if less than 3.5 hours)




The 4 Star service does not include any telephone support following your training.



 MNA Clients

MNA Clients that are Small  Businesses*

Full Day (9am - 4pm)




Half Day (3.5 hours)




Per hour (if less than 3.5 hours)




This can be purchased where you decide you require telephone support following initially opting for the 4 Star service, or if you require further support following your first inclusive year using the 5 Star service.



 MNA Clients

MNA Clients that are Small  Businesses*

One year's telephone support




Small Businesses
Small Business for this purpose are defined by us as having a turnover of less than £50,000, no staff and minimal transaction volume. We reserve the right to review your circumstances and consider that you are not small for these purposes.


Did you find what you were looking for ? No - then please email us and we will get straight back to you.

If you have any ideas or thoughts on how we can improve this website for your benefit then please contact us.  All comments and criticisms welcome.

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