MNA Autumn Newsletter

Take a look at our Autumn 2019 Newsletter from Marsland Nash, Accountants in Newton Abbot and Paignton, Devon - the latest Brexit update and Brexit checklist are available now....

Plus lots more interesting articles to read up on including....

  • Becoming an environmentally friendly business
  • Staff summer parties can be a tax free benefit
  • Using a PAYE settlement agreement to pay some of your employee’s tax
  • But not travel costs for non-executive directors in public sector
  • When is a van not a van?  
  • Certain vans are exempt from income tax 
  • Income tax definition of a ‘goods vehicle’  
  • Capital allowances definition of a ‘motor car’  
  • VAT Definition of a ‘motor car’ 
  • Capital Gains Tax spotlight   
  • Inheritance tax spotlight   
  • VAT spotlight 
  • Pension spotlight  
  • Off payroll working rules going ahead  
  • ‘Small’ employers excepted  
  • Making school holidays easier with tax free childcare 
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